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You may have a large volume of sensitive data on your phone, laptop or other devices. Now, as it happens, they face quite a wide range of threats. And, that includes virus attacks and hard drive damage, among other things. So, you’d want to protect them from these dangers at all costs. And there can’t be a better way to protect your precious data than back them up. 

Now, there are many ways you can proceed with that. Regardless, performing regular backups is an essential data security measure, especially for businesses. So, we’ve mentioned the ways you can back up your data. 

4 Ways You Can Back Up Your Important Files

Depending on the device you’re using, there are many ways to backup your data. In any case, cloud storage is a great way to ensure optimal security for your important files. 

Has your device faced data loss already? In that case, reach out to a reputable data recovery Dubai for a quick solution. 

Now, here are the main ways to backup all your important data –

  • On Android Devices

Want to back up your Android data? Then, you can simply use the Google Drive feature already available on your device. It can back up quite a wide range of file types that you have on your smartphone. And, that includes your contacts, app settings, calendar events, SMS messages, and even your Wi-Fi password among other things. 

However, you can’t back up your video and image files using Google Drive. And, for that, you have to use the Google Photos feature. Both the aforementioned features allow you to use free cloud storage up to a certain limit. 

Google Drive

To back up using Google Drive, you need to open the Settings on your Android devices. Are you using a Samsung device? If yes, then you must go to the Accounts and Backup section. Otherwise, you must find and open the System section. There, you should see the backup options.

Toggle on backups if it’s disabled on your devices. This will automatically backup your data to Google Drive regularly. Apart from that, you can also opt for backing up your data manually right now. 

Google Photos

You can use Google Photos to back up your photos in original or high quality. To use this feature, you need to open the app. Then, go to your Profile options given in the upper right corner. Then, go to the Photos Settings and opt for Back Up and Sync. Select the quality when prompted and proceed. 

  • On Windows Devices

All the recent Windows PCs feature a OneDrive cloud storage service. To use it, you’d have to sign in to your Microsoft account. So, open OneDrive on your computer and opt for signing in. Have you subscribed to Microsoft 365? If yes, then you can store up to 1 TB of data. Otherwise, OneDrive will offer you at least 5 GB of space. 

Once you’ve signed up, go to the More section in the bottom right corner. Then, open the Settings, and then the Backup tab featured there. Select the Manage Backup option and choose all your important folders. 

Once you’re done, proceed by clicking the OK button. Then, opt for starting the backup and keep your device switched on until the process ends. You can use the OneDrive to backup all your important folders, including documents and photos, as recommended by data recovery Dubai experts.

  • On iOS Devices

Backing up your iPhone data is quite a simple task. It works quite similar to the process we’ve mentioned for Android devices. However, in this case, you need not use two different services for the purpose. Regardless of the file type, you can back it up using the iCloud feature. This feature is available on all iOS system versions and offers 5 GB of storage. And, you need an account for using iCloud on your device. 

Moreover, you can save your Mac or iPad’s data using the same account. On your iOS device, go to the Settings menu and select your profile. Then, go to the iCloud section, and you’ll see the list of apps and features on your device. Select the ones that you want to back up using iCloud. 

Then, make sure the iCloud Backup option given further down the screen is toggled on. When this option is activated, your device will perform one automatic backup each day. Want to perform a manual backup? Then, opt for the Backup Now option that’s given below. 

iTunes or Finder

Using iTunes or Finder is an excellent alternative to backing up your iPhone data using iCloud. You can save your iOS data on your Mac or Windows computer using this method. In the case of older system versions, you need to use iTunes. Otherwise, you have to use Finder for this purpose. The steps are pretty much the same in both cases. 

Connect your iOS to your computer and open iTunes or Finder. Then, you should see your iPhone as a connected device in the app. And, for that, you need to click on the smartphone icon at the top-left. Then, opt for performing a backup and configure it as per your preferences. 

According to data recovery Dubai experts, both iTunes and Finders allow you to encrypt your data apart from backing it up. And, that adds an extra layer of protection to your essential files.

  • On Mac Devices

As mentioned before, you get the iCloud feature on your Mac device as well. The steps for using it are similar to the ones mentioned for iPhones. Go to the System Preferences and open your Apple ID. Then, open the iCloud option and select all apps that you want to back up automatically. You can opt for a manual backup in this case as well. 

Time Machine

Are you looking for an alternative to iCloud on Mac devices? Then, you can use the Time Machine feature, which is available on all the recent versions. Apart from internal drives, Time Machine can backup external ones as well. 

Open your System Preferences and opt for the Time Machine feature. Check the box given beside the Automatic Backup option. Then, opt for selecting the drive you want to back up. Once you’re done, confirm the selection by clicking on Use Disk at the bottom. 

Want to backup your Mac right now? Then, you can simply use the Back Up Now option in the Time Machine. 

Are There Any Alternatives?

The methods mentioned earlier help you with creating backups on cloud storage in various devices. But, you might be looking for alternative ways to proceed with the task. After all, cloud storage offers limited space for free to store data. So, as an alternative, you can simply create a copy of your data on external storage devices. You can also seek assistance from data recovery Dubai experts.