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Nobody is safe in this digital world. Malware, Trojans, Trackers, Trackers, the internet is filled with these types of threats. Now it’s like threats come free with any kind of digital platform. 

If I ask you what is the solution to all these threats?

Everyone knows the answer to this question. Antivirus or security apps. Simple.

No, it’s not that simple. If you search for anti-virus applications on the internet then you will get a huge number of software available different websites. But there the question of trust, and that is which anti-virus software to rely on?

So that is why today I will be listing down 7 must-have security applications for mobile phones. 

The apps I am listing down below holds the capacity to provide top-class security to your mobile devices.  

Let’s get started!

1. Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus

Avast is an antivirus giant and holds a great market when it comes to providing virus defense and security to mobile devices. And that is why I have mentioned this application at the top of my list.

One of the major benefits of this application is that it is completely free of cost and includes all the necessary features in the free version. This version of the application can block your spam calls and can build a security firewall when you are visiting a third-party website on the internet. 

It also includes an anti-theft measure feature which allows the user to lock their phone or format everything in case of the theivery or in case you have lost your phone. 

But the free version of this application contains ads (both pop-up and full screen) and that is very annoying sometimes. For this problem, the company has provided a solution and that is the paid version of the application. 

The paid version provides every feature included in the free version. But there is an extra feature in this version that is in-app-locking. This means that several apps will ask for a PIN before opening. This feature can prevent you from malware launching apps like banking apps. 

2. Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender got its fame among the security community due to its free of cost service and lightweight nature. The application is lightweight because it does not even run in the background after you close the app. And this is great news for your battery.

Another best thing about this app is that it ready to go just after installations that mean it does not require any configuration or setup. That is why it leaves a minimum impact on your device operating system. 

Like all other apps have some drawbacks, the Bitdefender requires you to schedule virus scans. 

With the 14-day trial version, you can utilize all the features the application provides. 

3. AVG

AVG antivirus has a fan following in both desktop security and mobile security. Now AVG for mobile devices is a security-packed security and antivirus app. 

Apart from just providing antivirus security the app also offers wifi security scanner, app lock, and photo vault to help you with your personal files.  

Some of the major features of this application includes

  • Performance enhancement
  • It kills unnecessary processes
  • Help to control the battery draining apps and keeps a healthy battery life
  • Deletes all the junk files stored in the catch memory and temporary folders

Apart from all this, AVG offers a next-level anti-theft feature. It can completely lock down your phone in case of theivery. But that’s not it. The app can track your phone using Google maps, can make your device emit a siren sound and can take selfies of the intruder.

In case of lost or thievery, this software can remotely wipe out all your data from your memory 

In additional privacy setting the apps offer an inbuilt VPN which will help you to surf online anonymously. 

With all these exciting features and privacy options, AVG is one of the most popular applications on Google play store.  

4. Sophos Antivirus and Security

If you are looking for an antivirus application that provides productivity over cute looks and can protect your mobile device from every virus threat and malware, then Sophos Antivirus application will be an appropriate choice for you. 

Here I can say that the user interface will impress you much but the features will. And you can completely rely on this application in terms of mobile security and anti-virus. 

Some of the major features of this application includes

  • Virus scanning of all files of your phone including applications and storage
  • It provides lost and theft protection with remote access to wipe your data and lock your device or locate the device.
  • Builds a firewall while you surf online in a third party website
  • Can block spam calls and messages

5. Kaspersky mobile antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus software got its fame from both desktop security and mobile security. Along with desktop security software the company has also provided security and anti-virus applications for mobile device protection. 

According to AV-test trials from November 2017, it is proved that the Kaspersky application is very good at picking up on malware with a detection rate of 99.9%. This is great news for all the users of this application out there.

This application can also block malicious websites and links even before you open them. One of the major benefits is that the application is supported on Android Wear too. Apart from this, it provides solid protection, no adverts and an authenticator for 2FA duties.

6. Norton Antivirus

I think you have heard the name of this antivirus application and I think there are many readers have already used this application. It is very popular for its ability to detect 100% malware on your mobile device. 

The application is powered by Norton Mobile Insight which can detect viruses in your storage files and installed applications.

Among other security features, one of the best is the ability to lock your phone via an SMS and remotely lock your phone in case of lost and theivery. 

From excellent antivirus capabilities to remote locking ability, Norton offers an impressive service in terms of protecting mobile devices. 

But application lags in one field that is it does not provide the feature of malicious website blocking. 

7. AppLock

AppLock application is specially designed for protecting mobile devices from viruses and malicious content. The use of this application is pretty much simple and has great security capabilities.

It can protect your installed apps from intruders by setting up a PIN on that application. That means to access that application you must have a PIN code or any pattern. 

The app locking system is very much different from the mobile locking system. AppLock can separately lock each and every app on your phone with a unique PIN or Password which is different from your device lock screen password. 

If you want to avoid intruders from accessing your apps then AppLock is the best option for you.  

So Finally…

I finish my blog here. Now, it is all upon you what you will choose for your personal use. All the security apps I have listed above are best in class and ranks on the top of the global list of Anti-virus software.

Every information that I have written above is well researched and some of the applications I have used for my personal device. So choose wisely and protect your device from every threat and malware.