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Why will you regret if you don’t read this blog?

Honestly, you will not until your ceiling takes a leak or the lovely earthquake breaks your wall’s heart.

In addition yes, if you are a civil engineer or a proficient builder. Surely, you don’t want the Law to take a sneak peek into your work.

With great civil expertise comes great responsibility!

As an engineer myself, I would hardly imagine my constructions fading. My buildings are my babies.

So, you will surely want your architecture to standalone. But, how can you?

I have just the post for you- the 6 trends that are revolutionizing the construction industry.

All construction companies are loving the trends (And, you should too!). Why?

Simply because every single one of them is reinforcing a personality and beauty. And with the correct information, you can incorporate those too.

As a matter of fact, the trends are raging over the world. By and large, amazing constructions are coming up defying the next level.

To emphasize, you can easily make use of them. All you need to do is stick with me.

When Fiber Met Cement…

I would rather say it is the new Romeo and Juliet of the construction industry. The strength factor is off the charts.

And why wouldn’t it be? The tensile strength of fiber materials adjoined with cement particles. The resulting offspring- a powerful cementing agent, strong enough to resist a high magnitude earthquake.

I was a bit skeptical about it before. This is due to its cost. Now, you will surely want to curb expenses as much as you can. Fiber cement is not something that weighs light on your pocket.

On the contrary, it slashed considerable low prices ranges across the North American, Eastern Europe, and South Asian cities.

This was until Cembrit Holding started using Fiber cement for construction. Most of their construction was based on fiber cement quality indices.

Nonetheless, it got way ahead. Following the success, Etox Group, CSR, Toray, etc. everyone fell for its durability and tensile strength.

Don’t just fall in love with it yet. There is more to come.

A Modular and Prefabricated 2018

The term ‘well-furnished’ has changed in inexplicable ways over the years. And there is only one reason behind it.

According to a recent survey, 99% of the American population demand a modular household.

The modular household is in trend together with smart homes. There is a minute difference between the two.

Modular homes amplify the ambiance while smart homes incorporate some of the cutting-edge technologies.

We cannot ignore the amazing response and popularity. When modularity became a hot topic, people demanded luxury in a cost-effective way.

The solution came as refabrication.  Now, what is that?

It is indeed one of the best ways to be energy and cost efficient. The primary idea is to use recyclable technologies which do not cost much.

Basically, both these terms have given 2018 a head start. Various construction companies are making use of futuristic means for buildings.

So, where are you in the scenario? I am sure you wouldn’t miss this in the world.

The Prices are Soaring!

Did you expect everything positive? When I mentioned trends that changed, surely, negative aspect does play a role.

And among all reasons, material prices are pulling down the progress. The most compelling evidence is Great Inflation.

No, the term is surely not made-up. The overall material prices are rising. So, we have things breaking bounds of constancy.

You cannot expert prices to curb, at least not in 10 years or so. This is affecting the construction industry in an adverse way.

The demand for skilled workers is continuously growing. Maximum work has to be extracted in the least prices. You do not have a charity open, do you?

This causes a shortage of skilled workers even more. All we can hope is the consecutive years deal with the soaring prices.

Your Safety Guaranteed

There are many companies who work for ensuring a worker’s safety. Good quality safety outfits, strong ropes, and levers, best medical facilities, etc. are some of the things construction site owners look for.

By and large, ensuring worker safety is a now a foremost priority. Superman, after all, exists in comics.

However, the fact remains that safety is a necessity. I have seen several safety classes and workshops organized in many Asian countries for construction site workers.


Construct by gazing the future!

No one constructs a building with an intention of re-building or repairing it. Things need to stay healthy for long.

Due to this, even Government bodies are urging or adopting sustainable techniques. The most important aspect is the green building concept.

Organics play a very important role. Accordingly, safer and environment-friendly techniques are being developed for futuristic constructions.

We need to leave behind something for your children, isn’t it?

Air-borne Planning

I remember architects were still old-school few years back. Before technology stepped in, we had traditional mapping techniques.

I won’t say those were unreliable. However, they were susceptible to mistakes.

Slowly, people adopted the available technology to advance their methods. So, these days, drone mapping is quite a buzz.

What is it?

Several companies employ drones to scale and map a piece of land prior to construction. This helps an architect in understanding the surrounding.

Since the drone was introduced, the face of architecture changed. More and more companies started air-borne mapping. This surely increased the efficiency and the overall productivity. Also, the chances of errors were less.

At the end of the day, all you want is your construction to flourish. I am sure these trends gave you something to look forward to.

But the question is- are you ready?

If yes, I hope to see your building rise to fame in the years to come. If not, let me know in the comments. We will surely work things out, won’t we?