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Construction Robot in Tokyo

Construction industry requires the use of machinery. Yet it is one of the least automated ones. The primary source of productivity in the construction depends on manual labor. However, the scenario is changing recently. Automation is shaping the future of almost every industry. With the rapid growth of information technology, robotics and coding are entering the construction industry.

Tech and Construction

Technology changed the outline of the construction site. Virtual reality design, holographic headsets, thermal imaging, Internet of Things, etc are taking over the construction industry. It is saving time and production cost in an effective way. Moreover, the construction industry witnessed a robust change over the years. Further, the introduction of technologies like self-healing concrete, drones, and the smart power grid is gaining popularity. This change is slow but steady.

Accordingly, remote surveillance giving an additional measure of security in the construction site. Wearables and BIM are no longer limited to large-scale industries. 3D printing and digital documentation are speeding up the construction procedure. However, the construction technology witnessed its greatest change with the introduction of robots.

Tech and Construction

Construction Robot

Though it took some time, the wave of artificial intelligence finally hit the construction industry. Introduction of robotics is the best example of this. It is notoriously difficult to introduce automation in construction work. The work-site of construction area itself is the biggest obstacle to automation. However, construction industries finally managed to utilize robotics.

There are a few types of construction robots that hit the construction market. A mobile robotic arm is the most popular type of construction robot. This comes with a pre-programmed set of instruction and controls a 3D printer. Then there are construction robots designed for brick-laying. These robots are capable of laying an entire street at a time. Again, there are demolition robots. Although these robots are slower than demolition crew still they are cheaper and safe. Finally, there are construction robots for welding and other building related works.

Construction Robot in Tokyo

Japan is the heart of technology. Japanese companies never failed to surprise the world with their gadgets. Their new construction robot is no exception to that. Japan unveiled a construction robot in Tokyo that can save 30% of labor. Japan is trying to cope with the shortage of labor since forever. Finally, they found their answer with the introduction of robots. These robots are capable of welding, bolting and lifting heavy stuff.

Daiwa House Industry Co. released a construction robot in Tokyo that can save up to 30% of labor. The Osaka based company released this robot on April 16. This robot can spray a fireproof coating like humans. Spraying of fireproof coat on the frame of the building takes a lot of effort. This robot is capable of cutting down that effort by 30%. The speed of this robot is twice than that of a human being.

Accordingly, The construction robot in Tokyo is not the only one by Japanese companies. Another Japanese company released a robot, especially for welding. These technologies cut down the cost of the labor force. However, using robots in construction dealt with the worker issues. Still, they need a more qualified workforce who are capable of handling these bots. Further, the risk at the construction place also came down with the introduction of robots.