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You are coming down the stairs, and with each step, you are hitting a box. When you reach your bedroom, a million things are lying on your bed and the floors. So, you try to go to your kid’s room, but it sounds more terrible than your bedroom. The guest room? Well, it has got all the things you do not need, but you still have them. And do not even ask about the lounge! It does not only have clutter but all the smell from the food waste that you have been ordering in these past few days.

Is this how you want to be moving to the new house?

Certainly not!

Research proves that moving your house can be the most stressful step that you take in your life. Yes, it is difficult to move away from a place you have spent a specific period. It also requires a lot of money to move. Plus, you have to make time to pack and shift everything while working and taking care of everything. So, it requires an emotional, financial, and physical commitment to move your house. Yet, you can eliminate stress from this process by taking measures for keeping your home free of clutter when moving. Hereunder are the keys to assist you in making a clutter-free move:


It is an essential part of packing. You have seen your new house. You know what things you will need there and what you won’t and new things you would like to bring in that new house. So, pack what you will be using in your new home, be it clothes, tools, or furniture. The tip here is to list the things you will need and the things you won’t. Once you have it written, it will be easier to practice letting go.


Now that you have started packing up, it is easier to let any storage unit nearby keep it safe for you. Of course, you want to make sure that the place you are leaving now is clean and ready to be occupied by other people. So, it is better to get the clutter out and keep the area clean. All you need to do is search storage near me and contact them to take away your packed stuff to a safe place for a few days. It will also help you keep your new house free of clutter while you decorate it as you want.


Now that you have a hundred things that you want to let go of contact your family and friends first. Let them know what is up for giving away. If they want something, discuss how to deliver it to them or ask if they can pick up. It will turn out cheap for you if you contact the loved ones around the town. Also, remember to be kind and respectful in the process.


You might have valuable things that you have not used or are almost as good as new. So, it is your choice if you want to sell those items. There are various places you can put them up online. For other pre-loved items, you can either ask your family or friends or donate them. It would be kind of you not to donate any items which you are no longer using.


Do not just fill the boxes one after another to get done with packing. First, take all the things out from one place, categorize them, see what you need to let go of, and then you will have what you want to take to your new home. Categorize them again and pack like items together for a smooth and clutter-free move.


One of the most incredible tips to help keep your home free of clutter while moving is that you give yourself baby goals for each day. Do not overthink how much you still have to do but focus on each day’s tasks. This way, you will stay stress and clutter-free.


What most people do is they order in before moving because they are so busy with packing and all. However, it is best first to make use of what is available already. Try eating all the snacks that are already there. Also, make sure that you eat the vegetables, fruits, or anything that will go stale if left for long. It will help you keep the kitchen fresh and clutter-free. Also, it will help save you some bucks.


If not much, it is better to start at least planning, sorting out, and packing a month before the move. It will help you stay stress and clutter-free and enable you to be productive at your work and other important stuff. Side tip: Starting early in the morning is also a game-changer.


You are moving to a new phase of life. So, enjoy it. Do not stress out and do all at once. It will only turn your house into a mess. These keys are all you need to keep your home free of clutter when moving, so follow them and have fun moving to your new home sweet home.