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Google is about to update again its news search algorithms. Unfortunately, it seems to be annoying for many users. The tech giant is trying to emphasize ‘original reporting’, which will ‘elevate’ in the search results.

In order to do so, it has set new instructions to employ more than 10,000 human reviewers. This is, in turn, helps to train the Google algorithm with their feedback in delivering search rankings. It will disappoint everyone, as fundamentally no one other than Google knows what the consequences of this update will be.

At times, these search changes are negligible and other times they change the entire business models of several websites. Additionally, nowadays when these tech giants get any information about ranking news, they try all possible means to apply it.

Reasons for the Update

The main reason behind Google Search was to give information to its users’ access to the web. It has more than ten thousand stories and tweets published every single minute of the day. It is your task to explore throughout the content and look for the most reliable possible results.

In addition to news, Google tries to give its users diversified sources and articles in order to provide them the suitable insight and context. One of the vital elements of the coverage is, it wants to deliver original reporting.  It is an endeavor that requires proper effort, time, and resources from the end of the publisher.

Also, some stories can be very crucial both on how they impact the world and how difficult and complex it is to put together. Hence, this requires reporters to engage themselves in deeper investigations so as to determine sources and facts.  Therefore, because of these reasons users support these efforts of the industry and support people to get access to the reporting which is most authoritative.

The recent Google algorithm updates and changes published to search rater guidelines will allow the tech giant to recognize original reporting. Furthermore, the update surfaces Google in Search and assures it stays there for a longer period.  This implies readers curious in the latest news can get the story and publishers can take advantage of widely seen original reporting.

Ranking Updates for Supporting Original Reporting

In today’s busy world of news, a subject’s original reporting doesn’t stay in the spotlight for a longer period. Many investigations, news articles, interviews conducted exclusively, or any other work tend to be so notable. Also, it helps in generating follow-up and interest coverage from some other publications. 

And in other scenarios, many stories capture a single news development, published at the same time. As a result, it creates difficulty among users for finding the story that kicked off everything.

While showing typically the recent and comprehensive story version in news results, Google has made an effort to make changes to its products around the globe. This was done to highlight articles identifiable by the tech giant as original reporting significance. Doing so, such articles might stay for longer period in a highly visible position. This feature enables users to outlook the original reporting along with viewing at more latest articles.

However, original reporting has no absolute definition, nor it has any absolute standard for determining the level of originality of a given article. It can signify all together different meanings at different times to different things, publishers and newsrooms. Efforts are constantly made to understand the life cycle of a story. 

Update of Rater Guidelines

Google algorithm updates are so helpful that you can see through everything you want to search on the web. These algorithms are poised with hundreds of various signals that are steadily improved and updated.

There are 10,000+ global raters evaluating Google’s work to validate, tuning of algorithms, and to help its systems in understanding the authoritativeness of a particular individual page.   Moreover, their feedback does not modify the specific results’ ranking that they are reviewing. Instead, it helps in evaluating and improving algorithms that can be applied in all results.

The principle working behind this is the Seach Rater Guidelines. Basically, it is a public document allowing raters for better understanding and assessing the exclusive characteristics of content appearing in Search Results.

In nutshell, these guidelines are the base that gives a clear description of what Google values the most in the content ranking. Hence, this Google algorithm update is just a change for gathering new feedback so that its automated ranking systems get the best original content.

Final Note

Hopefully, Google algorithm update helps in original reporting and provides its users with an extended understanding of the changing communities and conversations which are persisting around you.

Also, it will give you better access to a journalism of original nature across various types of stories covering movies, music, sports, celebrity scoops, the opioid crisis, and also the Panama Papers. It is an initiative to help people in staying informed regarding the news that matters to them the most.