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Just a few days ago, Google announced that it is about to roll out in its Photos application a new feature. With the help of this, users can simply capture an image using text in various languages and make use of Lens to get it converts in any local language.

Google is now preparing itself to widen this feature. This is as per records of 9to5Google, the 10.61’s apk crush in the Google application, might allow users to browse or find for content by just capturing a screenshot of anything shown to it.

The feature is caused to lean as ‘Smart Screenshots’. It will make a combination of both existing features ‘Edit and share screenshots’ and ‘What’s on my screen’. The former one is Google’s search application and the latter is the capacity of the Google Assistant. There are many references in the apk crush which were launched in strings of codes. 

Attributes of New Lens: Google Smart Screenshot

You can now easily select Lens and perform a search, search visually similar items or perform optical character recognition. The at present cropping, annotating, and sharing of editing tools will remain as it is. Although, it is not clear if the new Lens will function for all captured screenshots or specifically to those clicked in Google Search.

However, it seems that gradually it will serve as a replacement for a screen search. It is almost in the same manner how Lens took over from other functions of Google Assistant. 

Procedure to Use Google Photos through Lens

The tech giant’s image-searching software is made available for Android & iPhone in Google Photos. In case, you have not seen it yet, keep looking for it daily and ensure that the app is updated. Here is how you can make use of Google Photos to search for your photos.

  1. First of all, open the Google Photos application.
  2. Next, type what you need by clicking on the search bar. Say for example, if a screenshot is taken by you in Google Maps or Yelp, or you want to try a coffee shop- just type the word coffee or the business’s name.
  3. Tap on the image once Google spots it.
  4. Next, click on the Google Lens button located on the bottom part of the screen. Basically, it is a square having a dot in the center.
  5. The entire text will be highlighted by Google in the photo. In order to copy the words click on it.
  6. Choose Copy text.
  7. Finally, as per your need, you can paste the text, like in a browser or in the messages application.

Few Additional Information on Screenshots Update

As per the publication, the update will support Face Unlock for the upcoming Google’s Pixel 4 as well. Also, the tech giant has already launched earlier this month a new feature ‘Swipe-right’ in Search. This aims in aiding users in assisting their own series and movies as a suggestion on the podium.

Moreover, Google has, in addition, rolled out a trendy feature recently for its Photos using a technique known as Optical Character Recognition. With the help of this feature, Google Lens can draw out the characters from a picture and hunt for it on the World Wide Web. this feature is made available on Android phones but not on iOS devices as reported by 9to5Google.

Final Note

Though it is unsure when exactly Google will make this feature available to its users. But as it is under tests you do not have to wait longer. Also, it is not sure whether this feature will be confined to screenshots captured within Search or will it be made available as a system-wide feature.

Google is aiming to make Lens feature or Google smart screenshot perform a vital role in the daily lives of its users. And obviously it makes sense as you don’t have to speak to its Assistant for your queries.