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Construction industry

Construction delays are common in India. When an inmate finally buys his home, there are some changes that he notices. In addition to that, he has to pay additional charges, contractual back-footing etc. The population is getting congested in urban and suburban areas of India. constructors are under constant pressure to create flats in less time. As a result of that, flats are poorly constructed or lack of facilities.

The real estate is a booming industry. There is a constant pressure on the part of the promoters in terms of cost of land, approval to buy a site and construct and then marketing. Since the last decade, construction capability is evolving. Companies are using regressive methods to finish the project. Still, there is a risk of loss.

Construction industry

How the construction industry is changing

The construction industry is gearing up to reduce time. Interest loans, EMIs, are beneficial in this respect. Some construction companies like Larsen & Toubro, Panchshil Realty, Sobha Developers and Lodha Group are using tech to do the work in time. Dry construction, Prefab bathrooms, and composite steel structures are the pillars on which the real estate is standing.

Panschil Towers is a constructing company which is employing dry construction to build homes. This method needs no water, bricks or water. thus it is saving a lot of resources. The interior of the buildings is simple in design. Likewise, Lodhi construction makes homes using precast technology.

How can technology work with the construction industry

A change is coming in the real estate. Now builders are employing new methods and techniques to construct. Homes in Dubai, Japan, China are building upon smart technology. A popular technique that Japan is following is called cement flooring technique. Here fungi is introduced to seal the cracks and this helps to keep the floor safe. Likewise, builders in India are constructing using new technology like no water construction etc.

They believe that dry construction technology has some benefits. It saves water and the construction finishes in less time. Prefab bathrooms take less space, is easy to install and can be integrated faster. Composite steel structures can be built easily. They are stronger than other steel structures.

Precast technology is another feather in the hat. Many constructors are using it to construct the building. One will find gypsum partition walls, automatic jump forms in the flats and apartments.

What beholds the future

Technology and construction are changing the home structure. Builders and constructors are trying to make homes with different technologies. there is a fusion of technology and many people are benefiting from it. However, is India for a change? Many economists and experts in the field of construction are of the opinion that these homes are not suitable for all. The reason is budget. Often workers stop working on the site because there is no one to buy them. Moreover, only a few people can afford them.

This delays the work and later the buyers have to suffer.

A note

We need more infusion between technology and construction industry. A lot of changes are already taking place in wielding and floor making techniques. We are also seeing construction robots doing the work in some countries of Europe. However, what India needs is prior planning. We need to curtail down the prices so that many people can access the facilities. Moreover, the pay of the workers should increase. With meager pay, they will never work efficiently.