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Beware of the Good Morning Images. In the recent few days, cell phone owners are receiving images of flowers, gods, natural scenery saying “Good Morning”. Yes, it is the Good Morning message! Well, it seems to brighten up your day, but this is not the truth. It is actually sent by hackers to spread viruses and steal data.

Malware and scammers authors always come up with new ideas and hack to try to lead you to reveal usernames, log in details and install malware. Do not let these methods fool you.

Protect your computer by installing anti-virus software from a couple of viruses. You can use anti-virus software like Windows Defender or a security-suite which is fully-featured such as BitDefender. But, you must be aware of the several ways how viruses can affect your Mac, PC or mobile phones.

However, the risk is everywhere starting from fake buttons to tricky torrent sites and false advertisements on Facebook and other famous websites. With the help of basic training, you can easily decrease the limit of the issue of malware and viruses. Hence, you can take the full enjoyment of the internet in your own ways.

How to Prevent Viruses on your Computer?

You can protect your system from threats to escape problems associated with malware, worms, viruses, and other adverse content. Simply follow the below-mentioned steps to ensure security and keeping your PC in good condition and protect your personal info. Know how to prevent viruses on a computer.

Beware of False Download Buttons

These can arise anywhere, but most of the time it is the downloading sites where you will find them the most. Whether it is legal or not, you can assure that there will exist a download button that is not the one you wish to click. The result will enable you to download something which you do not want. It can be a malware often bad software.

However, do not worry you can apply this dirty trick to solve your problem. With this approach you can easily beat the scammers. When clicking buttons and links exercise caution. Think twice before considering the following:

  • Confirm if this a website you have used before.
  • If it is trustworthy.
  • Check the browser status bar so as to ensure the link destination.
  • Check if the font and button text matches the rest of the website.

If you are in doubt with any of the aforesaid conditions, then it is advisable to ignore the site and of course,  do not download anything from there. Hackers can make all possible use of coding tricks to persuade you to commit a dangerous mistake. Taking time and trusting your instincts is recommended.

Additionally, to confirm if the website is reliable or not, you can install Norton Safe Web or Google’s Transparency Report for recognizing bad websites.

Secure Browser

Try to update your old browser as an old version is not considered to be safe anymore. These applications are getting updated on a regular basis by the developers in order to improve and maintain security.

You can protect your modern browser using HTTPs and make sure that the certificates are legally complied with. The level of your security depends on the level of your concern. Is good to begin with Google’s Chrome browser, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, their safe replacement for Internet Explorer.

Keep Updated Anti-virus Software 

Install spyware scanners and antivirus software that checks malware, viruses, and any other malicious content. These applications scan your system, downloaded files, and emails. Most of the antivirus software is configured for scanning files automatically and checking updates of new definitions daily.

Download and Install Security Patches

The exposure of new software are discovered constantly. They occur in hardware devices and software applications. Scammers make proper advantage of these exposures in order to acquire access to your system and data.

In order to avoid these exposures, keep your PC updated. Make use of Windows Update to look for and apply the updates to the OS and its related files. Also, keep other software updated with the help of a software inspector viz. Secunia Software Inspector.

Neglect Security-Themed Referral Pop-Up

Generally, pop-up adverts appear on your screen from the bottom-right corner from any present-running installed anti-virus software on your system. Therefore, it is very tricky to mark them. It is even more frustrating when it comes to pid solutions.

If it appears to your notice that the origin of your pop-up is from your browser, you can confirm this by closing it.  You need to ignore this. As a matter of fact, you should ignore all the security messages that did not occur during your last initiated scan. Say, if your anti-virus software has a “scan” button, do not press it. Simply ignore the message.

However, there is a negative impact on all these. If you notice any anti-virus message popping up on your screen which you have not installed yet, it implies your PC is affected.

It is the high-time to get the infection removed.

Do not Use Public Torrent Sites  

There are two varieties of torrent websites. One is public and the other is private. You can access both of them with the help of a browser. But the latter asks you to create your own account get your ratio managed.

Using public torrent websites, you are welcoming viruses to steal data from both the faulty adverts and fake torrents. They spread viruses, worms, Trojans, and vicious software in the file you are downloading.

However, all torrents have a comment section where other users share their downloading experiences. Do check this before initiating a download.

Implement your PC’s Firewall

Among the two different types of firewalls, software, and hardware, the famous one is the software Firewall. This kind of Firewall operates in the background, watching carefully the traffic on the internet entering and leaving your computer. In order to access your PC’s Firewall, do as directed:

  1. Firstly, open Control Panel
  2. Move to the section of windows Firewall
  3. Next, choose System and Security and tap on FIrewall.
  4. Now you can easily activate the Firewall.     

Final Note

Nowadays, Good Morning malware is prevalent, but you also have the means to get rid of them. You can take the necessary measures in order to protect your system against malware.  Running regular scans and installing updates is always a good habit. Also, ensure yourself not to click on any suspicious links.

To conclude, obtain knowledge about the latest threats and how to prevent these viruses on your computer. Taking these measures you can enhance your security and assure that your PC runs as efficiently as it should.