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Cell phones are evolving day by day and by now, the world is equipped with smartphones. With the advent of mobile, there are numerous job opportunities for youth. From mobile repair Dubai services to mobile website development, mobile is everywhere. However, if you have a keen interest in mobile technology then you can get a clear idea about the mobile repair service in Dubai.

And, you need not necessarily hold a technical degree to become a worthy mobile repair technician. You have to go through a mobile repair training course from any reputed institution. After a proper certificate and experience, you can work for business tycoons who deal with mobile repair issues. Otherwise, you can invest in your startup.

What’s Included Under Mobile Repair Training Courses?

Any mobile repair training in Dubai should emphasize both theory and practical courses. Additionally, as a technician, you should keep practising for perfection. Basically, you will learn these following items for any kind of smartphone repair services, such as:

  • Disassembling and assembling the mobile
  • Capability to recognize the different parts of former and advanced cell phones
  • Knowledge of how to use diverse tools
  • Mechanism of ICS
  • Mobile repair techniques

Now, coming to the mobile device, any mobile is made of two main parts. And, they are software and hardware. Let’s see what you have to learn under these two sections.

Hardware Repair Training Courses of Mobile Repair Services in Dubai

First, you have to learn how to identify different parts of a cellular phone; whether it be a basic mobile or a smartphone. Some of the basic parts or components of mobile are speaker, LCD, mic, antenna, buzzer, etc. Like any other computer, mobile phones have got motherboards, too. So, you should be able to recognize every part of that circuit board easily.

Next, you will be introduced to different machinery or tools to fix mobile phones. Additionally, mobile phones have acquired a vast array of ICs. Remember them and their working policy. Then, you need to learn how to troubleshoot hardware errors through chip level repair and jumpering techniques.

And, this can’t be possible without circuit or block diagrams. The technician associated with mobile repair services in Dubai should know how to use multimeters for testing the status of the mobile.

Furthermore, proper disassembling and assembling are a must. Moreover, a mobile repair Dubai service might need soldering and desoldering processes frequently. If some components go loose then the mobile phone might stop working. So, you will be trained on how to use soldering machinery and hot air guns.

Software Training Course Under Mobile Repair Dubai Services

Besides hardware expertise, you have to be familiar with software repair issues of mobile phones. Among different software repair issues, unlocking, formatting, download and installation of different software are preliminaries. Apart from these, flashing, usage of secret codes and removal of viruses and threats are similarly important.

Additional Training Courses

In addition to all those hardware and software components, you have to learn about the history of cell phones, theory principles, basic electronics and electricity theory. Such training courses are incomplete without logic boards testing, building and calibration process.

So, if you want to apply for mobile repair training courses then you have to practice a lot. Because there is no shortcut for success in the mobile repair Dubai service sector.

Hopefully, that was enough to quench your thirst about mobile repair training courses in Dubai/UAE. So, avail fruitful training courses from a trustworthy institute to excel your career today. Moreover, you can always book mobile repair services in Dubai if your mobile is not working properly.