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Be prepared as Mozilla Firefox new logo is about to be out. As per Mozilla, the logo remained the same since its release in 2002. Now its time for a change. In a recent blog post, Mozilla’s creative director, Tim Murray described that the company’s problem-solving Firefox now is no more a single browser.

With various other campaigns such as Firefox Reality and Firefox Rocket, the company realized that it requires to improve its workroom applying its design language. Although the company shared various work-in-progress capable logos, it came into notice that none of them are final. With the passage of time, you can see modifications or just simply getting back to the drawing board togetherly. 

The entire thing is up-in-the-air for the time being, but it is already on its start. Ultimately, Firefox’s new logo will come up with a new logo. The job was represented in two capable ‘systems’, each containing one ‘Masterbrand’ logo design & eleven Auxilary logos. The master brand will be the primary one for utilizing the brand’s address altogether. And, those beneath the master brand would indicate a person product.

If there involves a choice between two systems, the second system is better. The prevailing Firefox logo is more likable. As that collection makes you feel more an upgrade and lesser complete replacement unit.    

Design Apart from Integrity

Mozilla firefox new logo offers more instead of only a logo. Its design system contains everything you require for web experiences and to make products today and in the near future. Here are a few features of the new Mozilla Firefox logo:

  • It comes with a new palette of color that widens the range of possibilities and creates unique gradients possible.
  • A brand-new shape system is obtained from the geometry of product logos. It helps in creating beautiful background patterns, motion graphics, spot illustrations, and pictograms.
  • An advanced typeface for marking products with a rounded feel echoes the icons. 
  • An importance is given to type standards and accessible color so that the brand is made available to everyone. The button for color signals improves actions within web experiences and products. 

The New Logo Not Letting the Fox Go 

Mozilla has again started to create a modern look of the icon. This time the company is planning not only to create a brand-new Firefox logo but also to design a family of logos to entertain extending further its flagship browser. This is inclusive of new services and Firefox variations such as Rocket and Focus.

However, altering brands is a risk-taking business. There is a high probability that people can become angry or disappointed if they cannot find what they are looking for. Also, sometimes new designs welcome derision and mockery.

But renovating logos and icons gives a chance to get a fresh look. Over the last ten years, Firefox’s icon has changed its look from its traditional 3 Dimension look of a red fox circling our planet to embrace the existing ‘flat’ design style.

At one point, the Mozilla Firefox team wanted the fox to let go, but the community disagreed with this. The team received from the community a hell lot of backfire and the responses to this were hilarious.

Finally, the browser kept the fox. But as Firefox grew from a browser company, they came up with a logo that looked like a Firefox browser which went through a spin.

Meaning of the Logo

Privacy remained the prior concern of the Firefox brand experience. With every release, the company aims to continue the addition of features to its products. This further protects the user and alerts them of risks.

Unlike big tech giants that claim to provide privacy but make use of you along with your data. With Mozilla, you do not have to worry, as you know exactly where you stand. As Firefox’s new caption says “Take Less. Keep it Safe. No Secrets.” The brand is based on four pillars. They are:


It is the company’s radical performance to have a positive view of the future internet. Also, it is its radical act in serving its users before themselves.


Firefox aims at providing the best both to the internet and the world. So the company is building better products, partner, start conversations, collaborate, inform and educate. Their empathy reaches to everyone.


Firefox is open-hearted. It is an open book. Hence, it makes transparent and a global outlook integral to its brand by speaking various languages. Also, it aims to reflect all the advantageous points.


Its products implies that the company is guided by powerful convictions. While the other organizations speak only about settings, Firefox has grounded everything in its spirit.

Final Note

As Firefox has established its goodwill, it will continually evolve as the world changes around you. For this, this company will stretch its brand guidelines to a greater extent in the upcoming months. Keep yourself updated to know more about the Mozilla Firefox logo.