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If you are a freelancer of a small business owner, then you should know that you need to cut off your expenses and make sure that you follow a friendly budget. We want our readers to know that designing and sharing invoices is a huge expense for which you should save yourself from. You should know that there are different ways in which you can make receipts or invoices for free, and that is why we have prepared today’s content for you guys. Make sure you read all the quick ways of making receipts and invoices so that you can easily select the suitable one for you!

Creating Invoices with the best Invoice Maker App.

Now know that if you are not interested in making invoices with word or docs, then there is a simple solution for you. Usually, people avoid making invoices with docs and words as it takes a lot of effort and hard work plus time to create invoices of different types. You should know that making invoices and receipts with the best invoice maker apps is very easy and is effortless! If you have never heard about the invoice maker apps and their use in the past, then don’t worry we have stated the best app for you guys right below this passage!

Invoice Maker App – Create Estimates & Receipt

This invoice Maker App belongs to CA apps and is known to be a very reputed one in this regard. This Invoice Generator cannot only create invoices but as the name tells you, you can easily create estimates, receipts, bills and other important business docs with it. This free receipt maker is very versatile and can help you a lot in managing your inventories and your overall business. This invoice application is considered to be the best virtual assistant when it comes to managing your books and sales. 

The application can also help you in the replacement of a physical accountant. You cannot rely on accountants these days, especially with your accounts and receiving so you should try using the online invoice maker apps like this one!

Here are some of the major features of the app that you should know about!

  • This application is free of cost. You don’t have to go through any formalities to use this application. You just have to log in with the app and select the best category and template of invoice, estimate, or bill that you want to use!
  • You can easily communicate with the clients with the help of this application and not only communicate but can also collect payments with the help of this app.
  • You can calculate and manage your inventory and your sales with the help of this amazing app. The app can help you manage your totals and your profit loss accounts quite easily.
  • The use of this application does not require any kind of experience or skills. 
  • You can add your logos, your emblems in the invoice template to give it a very personal and legal touch!

Make an invoice with Google Docs!

Now, this would be new for you guys, but you can indeed create invoices and receipts with the help of google docs and even with word documents. If you are unfamiliar with this and have never heard about it, then you should surely read the points that we have listed below for you guys!

  • First register or log in with your Google account into the google drive. From google drive, you can get direct access to google docs.
  • In the google drive, you will see the ‘+’ button on the top, clicking this sign, you can easily scroll down to the options from where you can select a new document. A new tab/window will open up, which will ask you about the template that you want to edit or use to make your new content.
  • You have to type ‘invoice’ in the upper bar, and the google docs will provide you with the best invoice templates by google itself. You can select the template/design that suits your business.
  • You can easily fill out the template and can easily customize it with the help of special features of docs. You can enter custom entries like a company or brand name, address, phone or contact number, payment details, payment terms, descriptions of the deal, official payee name and also the due dates for the receiving of payments!

You can simply use the same method to create an invoice on Microsoft word. The only difference is that you would have a word as default on your system. The making of invoices on Microsoft Word is also very much simple and interesting.