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Trashes are nothing but the waste materials that are the outcome of household stuff. If these materials are not discarded, then they form the breeding ground for pests. They are deadly and can pose a massive negative threat to you and your family. 

Thus, you need to dump the waste in such a manner that pests stay in control. There are several pest control service available in Dubai. You just have to choose the best one and book a service, if you find your house is infested with pests. 

Facing various Problems with Trashes and Pests

If the trash contains food, then the birth of pests are inevitable. That is why it will be your sole responsibility to avoid pest problems at any cost. You must know the proper handling of various types of food materials. In addition to that, cleanliness should also be your concern. 

Most people gather all the trash items in one place and throw it in the dump yard. Yes, of course, you will do that but it also has to be done in a proper way. One of the best ideas is to take the help of pest control Dubai. Experienced people can help you with the right process to dump the trash, get rid of pests and maintain a hygienic environment. 

Looking for Proper Dumping Areas

First, you need to be familiar with the practice of dumping trash materials. Whenever you have gathered enough waste materials, look for a good dump yard. After that, make sure the dump yard is free from every other management problem. On the other hand, you need to observe certain aspects of the dump yard.

  • The dump yard must be present a minimum of 60 to 70 feet below the ground. There must not be any type of residents nearby. The entire dump yard must be surrounded by thick walls. 
  • There must not be any type of plantations in or near the dump yard. If several plantations are present there, then it will be the home for several rodents. Those animals can also carry diseases.  
  • Maintenance staff must be present 24×7. When the dump will be emptied, they will clean the entire area. If you see some kind of issues in the service, then report the incidence. 

The staff must clean all the clogged drains. There must not be any standing water. With good trash management, proper hygiene will eventually follow its way. 

Do’s and Don’ts to Prevent Pests 

Preventing pests will preserve human health. The strategy is absolutely straight and clear and you do not need any kind of trash management training to do this. 


When you have waste-food, gather them and put them in a plastic bag. Here, you have something to keep in concern. The plastic bag that you use must not exceed more than 40 microns. If it does, then it will not melt and will create blockages.

Along with that, the bags must be of high durability. Various pest control services that are present in Dubai always suggest people that they should use good quality plastic bags to keep pests from getting attracted. 

You must seal the garbage bags tightly in order to prevent the leakage of waste materials. In addition to that, the sealing procedure will also resist insects from penetrating into the bags. 


Never use cheap plastic bags for dumping the waste materials. Those bags are of low quality and might face wear and tear. Thus, the waste materials will get scattered here and there. Never overfill the bags with waste products. 

Sometimes, good quality plastic bags also cannot hold the pressure of overloading. Moreover, you must not keep the bag full of wastages, in the same place, for a longer period of time. It might become the prime source of pests infestation. 

After dumping the materials, make sure that you must not throw the plastic bags here and there. There must be a specific place for dumping plastic bags. 

PCT (Pest Control Technology) for Crops

Various types of crops support in maintaining sustainable human life. If you see that your crops are being attacked by pests then seek help. Therefore various pest control services who suggest chemical fertilizers to prevent the pesky insects. The fertilizers provide extra nutrients to the crops and also keep the pests out of the field. 

Those fertilizers will eventually help in faster crop yield. But sometimes, the use of chemical fertilizers also causes much harm. It hardens the soil and reduces its natural fertility. Therefore, the people who grow crops must choose such types of fertilizers that will keep the pests away. 

In addition to that, it will also maintain the natural soil fertility. Thus, you can prevent environmental pollution and maintain ecological balance. 


According to the pest management experts associated with pest control Dubai, we generally notice a disbalance of the trash management all the time. So, everyone needs to show some interest in fixing it. After taking the initiative, you must do a deep inquiry about the infestation of rodents, maggots, cockroaches, and other harmful insects and terminate them.