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Points to Consider When Unclogging Toilet Without Plumber

Toilet clogs occur at the most inappropriate time. Every homeowner has experienced difficult times unclogging toilets. Imagine you are leaving for work and toilet clogs. Nothing can be worse than dealing with clogged toilets in someone else’s house. Whatever the scenario, calling a plumber may not be the right option at times. Moreover, you will not like spending money on plumbing if the problem gets solved on your own.

There are several reasons for a clogged toilet. You will need to identify major reasons causing a blockage. This will help you get better prepared for problems in future. Here are a few reasons that can clog your toilets.

Clogged Drains:

Your toilets can clog when drain lines clog frequently. Despite flushing out regular waste, drain lines clog often. You will need to clear out hair, paper and other objects from drains.

Low Water Flow in Tanks:

It is important to apply pressure to clear out waste in the right manner. Half filled water tank during toilet flushing can result in low pressure to clear the bowl. It is important to ensure your water tank is full. You will need to inspect the position of the supply valve. The water line supply needs to get checked for any kind of leaks. If you don’t find any issues with these, restore the fill valve.

Obstruction in Your Plumbing System:

Water-carrying lines into the drains can result in clogged toilets. Blockages in washing machines can hinder the functioning of the entire plumbing system. Check for any kind of blockages in drain lines and try clearing it out.

Kids Toys and Trash Leads to Toilet Clogging:

Toilet clogs happen when kids place their toys and trash in the toilet. Toys are large enough to fit inside the toilet and result in clogging of pipes. Keep a close watch on kids and make sure they don’t place toys inside the toilet. This prevents toilet clogs and saves you from unclogging toilets.

Failure to Clean Septic Tanks Regularly:

When you fail to get septic tanks cleaned regularly, it can lead to clogged toilets. Septic tanks that do not turn over quickly cause toilet clogging in your home. A well-maintained septic tank is ideal for proper drainage flow. It is crucial to get your septic tank cleaned regularly to ensure toilets don’t get clogged.

Now that you know the reasons for clogged toilets, here are a few suggestions to unclog toilets on your own. You don’t have to waste money on a plumber, as you can clear most clogs yourself. A good homemade drain cleaner serves the purpose of clogged toilets. You can make the cleaner with hot water, baking soda and vinegar. If you need help clearing deeper clogs, try using a vacuum to get rid of clogs. Here are other options to look for when trying to clear clogged toilets on your own.

Plunger – Useful Tool to Unclog Toilets:

The plunger is a good tool to get rid of toilet clogs. It is important to keep this tool ready in your house often. This is because toilet clogs can occur at any time. A toilet plunger has a rubber flap and is the perfect tool to unclog toilets. You will need to push the plunger slowly to unclog toilets. Try getting rid of clogs by keeping the seal tightened. If you have successfully unclogged the toilet, you will see the water rush down the drain.

Mix Baking Soda and Vinegar to Unclog Toilets:

Combining baking soda and vinegar is the best way to unclog toilets. You will need to have these in your house to get rid of toilet clogs. To unclog toilets, add a cup of baking soda and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Gradually pour two cups of vinegar and ensure it does not cause any kind of chemical reaction. Let the combination of these two mixtures rest for a few minutes in the toilet. Once done, flush the toilet and look out for clearance of clogs.

Other Tools to Clear Toilet Clogs:

A snake or an Auger is a good tool used to clear toilet clogs. Snakes include throwaway plastic tools and complex metal devices. It is advisable to have a tool with a handle on the end to unclog toilets. Place the device inside the toilet and gradually turn the handle till you find the clog. Once you bring the device up the clog should be visible. Clear it out and try doing it again to clear the clogged toilet.

Unclog Toilet With Hot Water and Dish Soap:

Hot water and dish soap is effective way of getting rid of clogged toilets. Spray dish soap into your toilet and pour a gallon of water slowly. Ensure there is no overflow and wait for a while for the clog to lessen. Flush your toilet and get rid of the clogged toilet with ease.

Unclog Toilet With Wet/Dry Vacuum:

A wet/dry vacuum is a powerful tool to get rid of toilet clogs. For the process to work, you will need to get your hands. You will have to use rubber gloves to insert a vacuum hose in the toilet. An old towel comes in handy for wrapping around the vacuum. This helps in creating suction. Switch on the vacuum and hold the hose tightly. Wait for a while until the clog gets sucked out. Once done, ensure cleaning and sanitizing the vacuum. It is advisable to use only a wet/dry vacuum to clear toilet clogs.

Next time you face issues dealing with clogged toilets, don’t worry and try these DIY hacks. These are helpful during emergencies when you are unable to call a plumber.