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In the month of June 2020, Qualcomm has launched its 5th Generation (5G) chipsets. The entire chipset is actually the processor Snapdragon 690. It will support 5G networks in the upcoming phones which will have this processor running in it. 

Although it will only support the substitute of 6 GHz version of 5G networks. The faster mmWave network is not developed yet. Qualcomm has promised a variety of improvements compared to its previous other processors. 

Capabilities of a 5G network with Snapdragon 690

5G features and capabilities were not available in the previous smartphones due to the processor. But now, people can afford a reasonable mobile phone. The Snapdragon 690 will help you to surf the internet and download data at a rate of 2.5 GigaBytes/Sec. Not only is the download speed lightning-fast but also helps you to surf the internet without any network lags. 

Features of Snapdragon 690

Snapdragon 690 will allow you to use any 5G network, along with other exclusive features. The processor will also help you to get 60% faster and better graphic performance. It will also help the device to provide 20% better CPU performance. 

This major breakthrough will act as a game-changer and will also be budget-friendly. When you will play any games on the device powered by Snapdragon 690, you will note excellent graphics and smooth performance as well. 

The processor will also support the video quality of 4K Ultra High Definition video capture. Furthermore, it will also allow mobile devices to display 120Hz displays with superfast refresh rates. In addition to that, on mid-tier mobile and tablet devices, it will allow 192 Mega Pixel rear cameras. 

The Emergence of 5G Modem

As you know that the Snapdragon 690 gives the 5G network support, on the other hand, it also introduced a 5G modem, i.e X51 modem. The modem is very much important for extending as well as adopting the 5G network. 

Limitations of Snapdragon 690 Processor

Just like the previous Snapdragon processors, this 5G enabled processor also has some limitations. After the launch of 5G mobile phones and tablets, the price might be higher than usual. 

It will not use the top-tier 8 series chips just like the flagship Snapdragon 865, which will be quite a disappointment for the users. Moreover, it will take a longer time than usual to come to the market.