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First discovered in the year 2016, TrickBot Malware got its fame among the hacking community as a Banking Trojan. The malware mainly targeted some of the leading countries in the world including the USA, the UK, Australia and many more.

Programmed in C++ The sole purpose of the virus is to clone banking websites and steal sensitive personal pieces of information.

Over the years this virus became a headache for different organizations, banking sectors and even the government too. The worst part of the Trick Bot malware is that it is a Trojan Horse. And Trojan Horses are the nastiest online threats.

As this has become a real concern for everyone out there. That is why I took the privilege today to give some information about what Trick Bot malware is and how it looks like and obviously a complete Trick Bot removal guide.

What is a Trick Bot and what it can do?

Trick Bot malware is a trojan malware used to clone banking websites. The malware got its genes from its ancestor Dyzera (another banking Trojan).

Trojan malware is one of the most serious online threats the world has ever received. And our new enemy Trick Bot is one of them. You might get surprised if I say that not only international bank accounts, Trick Bot can also steal money from Bitcoin wallets.

Yes, they are that powerful! 

But let me just stop you there.

Before going into the discussion about what they can do, let us first discuss symptoms of Trick Bot malware and how you will know that you have been attacked.

Symptoms of Trick Bot malware

Like all Trojan viruses, Trick Bot has a very fearful reputation. As inside your computer, Trick Bot tries its hard best to remain unnoticed. It has the capability to remain hide from your antivirus protection.

Just one click!

That’s all it takes for the virus to affect you. The most common places that a TrickBot chooses to hide are a file, a link, a moderately authentic email message, spam, attachments, etc.

Detecting a Trick Bot malware is not that simple as the end-user will not notice any symptoms. But a network admin can observe some changes in traffic and much more unusual behavior caused by the malware.

Some of the affected devices might face some of the difficulties mentioned below:

  • Increased CPU usage.
  • Slow device performance.
  • Unusual runtime behavior.

Some of the victims might get the following detections:

  • HPmal/Emotet-C
  • HPmal/TrikBot-G
  • Mal/EncPk-AN
  • HPmal/Crushr-AU
  • Troj/Inject-DTW
  • Troj/LnkRun-T

How you can protect yourself from TrickBot?

We all know that precaution is better than cure. And if you want to save yourself from Trick Bot malware attack then this is the perfect concept for you.

Since Trojans are very good at hiding so you won’t be able to detect that if you have become a victim of the virus.

Follow the below steps to prevent yourself from a full-wave Trick Bot attack:

  • Regardless of which operating system you are using either Windows or Mac, always keep your operating system updated all the time. 
  • Update your Antivirus software.
  • Set a regular scan schedule in your Antivirus application
  • Carefully open every email you receive. Especially avoid those emails which contain images and attachments and coming from an unknown source.
  • Try to stay away from phishing scams. 
  • Never share your baking details and other sensitive personal credentials with any third party websites.
  • If you see some unusual behavior in your bank account then immediately contact your bank.

Got Infected? Don’t Worry and Just Remove It.

Getting TrickBot off from your shoulder is a long and a very complex process. Removing Trick Bot malware is a thorough elimination process.

So if you are thinking you have been attacked by this malicious virus then blindly follow the bellow steps to get rid of it.

Step1: Boot into Safe Mode

Booting into safe mode will stop all the unnecessary processes of third-party software. That’s makes it easier for you to identify the virus and remove it before the booting process.

Follow the steps to run your computer in safe mode:

  • Select the start menu and go to the power options menu.
  • Press the shift button on your keyboard and select the restart option while holding the shift button.
  • Your computer will automatically restart into safe mode.

Step 2: Uninstall Suspicious Programs

Most of the malware has a tendency to install other malicious software on your system. Just like that, Trick Bot also installs a software called Trick Booster to scan through the email addresses and all the contact information on the affected computer.

Sometimes these kinds of software are hard to uninstall. Follow the below steps to uninstall all the unnecessary and suspicious apps and software from your computer.

Open the “run” command center by pressing the windows button and the R button together.

In that command box type appwiz.cpl and click OK.

In the opened window search for the software that you have not installed manually and remove them from your system.

Step 3: Restrict all Suspicious Startup Entries

Just all other malware viruses, Trick Bot starts with the startup of the system. That means the malware is only functional when the system loads up.

Now if you check your startup items then you can discover any unfamiliar processes occurring during startup. And from there you can directly remove the unwanted programs.

Follow the below steps to try out this procedure:

  • Go to the “run” command box by pressing the windows button and R button together. 
  • In the dialogue box type msconfig and hit the OK option.
  • Click on the startup tab
  • Search for Unknown entries under the Manufacture section and uncheck those entries.

Step 4: Seeing some suspicious processes? Kill it!

If you are disabling your suspicious startup entries and uninstalling all the malicious programs then why you should avoid checking the processes that are running on your system?

Sometimes Trick Bot malware hides in the processes of a system and runs with the computer commands. It can be very harmful, so you need to immediately delete the directories and records.

To do this process look at the below steps:

  • Open the task manager by pressing CTRL, Shift, and Esc together at the same time.
  • Select the Processes Lab option.
  • Detect which processes are malware by Googling the name of the processes.
  • If you think that you have found one then select the process and press right-click and choose Open File Location.
  • Go back to the task manager and press right-click again on the suspicious process
  • Select End Process
  • Now go back to the Location Folder and delete all the files.

So finally…

We can say that the above topic covers all the capabilities of a Trick Bot malware and how dangerously it can harm you and your system.

Apart from just discussing the effects, we have also seen some safety measures for Trick Bot malware removal. I hope that this blog will help you to take all the necessary precautions to avoid a full-wave Trick Bot attack.

If you think that you have become a victim of this malware then you can follow this blog to get rid of the malware.