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construction industry

The construction industry has every growing rapidly regarding technology. The $10 trillion figure indicates the importance of construction industries globally. There is a huge flow of money in this industry, but most of the time the money goes to waste.

With big money, comes big failures too. The construction industry faces a drastic shortage of workers, poor growth in productivity as well as the poor returns on investment.
The productivity in the Construction industry has remained bleak for multiple causes. One of the major reasons is the reluctance of incorporating the latest technology into the work. The total output of the workers has remained similar for many years which reflects poor economic growth.

Figures point to the fact that since 1945, the productivity levels in other industries such as agriculture and manufacturing have risen over 1500%. Whereas, when it comes to Construction, the growth level has improved only slightly.

All of these circumstances suggest the urgent need of Robotics to enter into the Construction Industry. The inclusion of robots will massively increase the output and profits.

Robots Filling Up the Gap of New Workers

construction technology

Today, the lack of implemented technology in the Construction Industry is closing in at a rapid rate. This is not just because robots are in line to get help but also because the humans are not delivering as per requirement.

With the growing use of Technology, the numbers of the vacancy in construction jobs are also increasing. According to a figure from early 2017, there were almost 200,000 construction jobs that need to be filled across all the regions in the United States.

In a multi-trillion dollar industry like Construction, a slight rise in efficiency can result in saving millions of dollars. The need for Robots in the constructions has become a necessity rather than a requirement. Around 98% of the constructions projects exceed the allocated budget. Hence the time has arrived to make the right use of technology in this industry.

Call of Duty for Robots

Every day more builders in America are shifting towards manufacturing. Buildings and residential homes are now being constructed in the factories with the help of Robots.
In countries like Sweden and Japan, factory developed homes are very common and a popular theme. About 40% of homes which are built with prefabrication. On the other hand, only 16% of residential houses that are built using this process in Japan.

The use of Robots in constructions industry keeps expanding. The work of Masonry is performed by Robots. Also, a New York startup named Construction Robotics have invented a bricklaying robot which is named SAM100. It is already being used by many contractors across different regions of the United States.
These robots come with features which not only saves time but also increases the efficiency of output and helping in saving money. SAM100 can lay about 2,000 bricks per day, wheres a the average output of human ranges around 400-450 bricks per day.

Opportunity for Investors to Take Advantage of the Situation

Use of robots in the Construction industry is still relatively new. This also presents a great opportunity for top companies in the industry to leapfrog competitors by implementing advanced technology. Investments in robots are already on the rise, and many companies are actively contributing to research and development of better and more efficient ones. The main objective is to enhance the level of productivity of the construction industry.

The bigger challenge in front of the tech industries is to figure out a way by which they can have an enormous effect in the slow rising sectors of the economy.

However, there are major roadblocks in the path of improving the productivity in industries like Construction. As things stand, there is a large number of restrictions of land usage in the urban areas which is a road bump.
Even though there are obstacles, this is just the beginning of something progressive. On the long-term view, the use of robots in construction projects will improve the figures of productivity in the Construction Industry.