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malware attack

Recently there has been a drastic cyber attack upon Google Chrome’s users. More than 2 million people got affected due to the attack of the stealthy malware. A virus has secretly entered the user’s computer via a certain number of Google Chrome extensions.

It was much easier to attack the users of Google Chrome just because Google holds near about two-thirds of the browser market. The malware campaign was dangerous as well as scary. The malware has the ability to get into your computer, steal all information and publish on the internet.

How does a Stealthy Malware work?

The malware will first enter the victim’s computer with the help of the installed files through the Chrome extension. Moreover, it will also involve a number of other websites. After that, through a spyware, it will monitor each and every activity performed on the respective computer. On the other hand, based on the specific time given by its developer, it will start stealing all of your personal data and information. 

Role of the Attacker Masterminds

All the malware and spyware creators were hiding behind hundreds and thousands of malicious domains. These domain subscriptions come from outside India and there are more than 15,000 of them. The companies weren’t aware of these kinds of activities. They are looking forward to resolving this matter as soon as possible. 

Google Hits Back

After the incident, Google has eliminated more than 60 to 80 malicious extensions from the official Chrome store. It also restricted any type of Chrome extension’s information transmission procedure in any of the user’s computer. Google took this step with the help of certain high-level tools. These tools will not allow the extensions to transmit data. 

Google has been the victim of other malware, spyware, and adware attacks. Several researchers of Google have noticed that there are more than 500 extensions that were downloaded by the users, contains malicious items. 

What you should do as a victim?

Let’s assume the malware has infected your computer. What will you do now to save your vital information? All you have to do is to take help and cooperate with the law enforcement agency. In addition to that, you will also get help from the security agencies of governing bodies. They will help you with the best outcome.