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Windows Update

The tech giant Microsoft admits that Windows 10 updates are deleting personal data and important files from the user’s PC and this raised cold social media war among the Users and  Microsoft and it worsens when it turns out that this could have been prevented.

In the month of October 2018, several users report that version 1809 wipes out all their data and few users with a technical background even implied that it is a bug that is doing all these. It then re-releases on November 13, 2018.

Microsoft stated on its support site “they pause the rollout of Windows version 1809 for all users as they inspect several reports of Users missing personal files after the update”.

In a few instances, when you try to upgrade the new version of Windows10, the system setup may shift the User files to the previous installation backup situating inside the “Windows.old” folder. Nevertheless, in this case, it is not the same that happened. Users couldn’t find any of their data anywhere in their PC after experiencing a sudden loss of personal data.

What Happened after Updating to Version 1809 of Windows 10?

After the incident, it’s like the social media platforms and Microsoft support was full of horror stories from Users

Source 1:

“I was very interested in Updating the latest version of Windows 10 (version 1809) buy who knew it would turn out to be exhausting and me losing all my personal data”

Source 2:

“While upgrading to Windows 10 there were no issues. I updated to version 1809 and it went absolutely right. The problem is I guess it happens to associate with only the Desktop users.

After the update, most of my documents and pictures folders just disappeared. There is no trace of those files in any location of my desktop. I searched in the Windows. old folder but there was no sign of the lost files”.

Source 3:

“One of my clients having a Laptop of Windows 10 Home asked me to Update his operating system to Windows 10 version 1809 and he was quite expecting the good side of the updates. After it is complete, he boots and logs in and after a while he figures out that all of his documents and pictures are not there in any destination. He still has the background image, his iTunes music is there apart from the documents and images which were very crucial to him. I ran the TreeSize just to make sure and found out the files are nowhere in the PC”.

Source 4:

“Last night I updated to version 1809 and to be honest it all went smoothly at first, but then I find that all my files in Documents are ERASED. Just gone. This included may important documents and even financial information. Yes, I have a backup but this is pretty bad for sure”.

The worst part possibly is that Windows Insiders warns Microsoft about this issue month ago it releases and no one cares to examine it in the first place.

Unluckily the reports were either lost or ignored. And as I mentioned earlier this auto-deletion issue even violent Microsoft’s loyal fans to attack the company.

They said that “this automation of deleting user data is, without doubt, the number one nightmare scenario of any user of any platform”.

The cause of the Issue

Millions of users prefer Windows 10 because of its user experience. The number of users affected by the same problem is still unknown. But even if it is a small group, it still is terrible because the concern is Microsoft’s huge testing center couldn’t detect any of these incoming issues related to version 1809 October Update.

The previous version 1809 bug happens to delete data and Microsoft says “it happens with 1 user among 10,000 Users”. Now think what would be the result for 500 million devices running Windows 10.

According to Hacks reports, several users reports against these issues but some are saying that Windows 10 is actually mishandling files that are contained in compressed (ZIP) archives.

But in most of the other operations, it would definitely ask users permission first if there is an instance of overwriting a file if there is disagreement between source and destination folders

Then It worsens as the file operation never turns out to be fruitful. The problem is Windows won’t even let you know if the file shifts its location from a compressed archive. It will just be unsuccessful and will not even write the file which as a result deletes the files from the archive.

Wrapping things Up 

I hope this article has given you an insight into what really is the issue and what is the response of Users and Microsoft. On the date of November 13th,2018 Microsoft re-release the Windows 10 version 1809. They say all the issues have been fixed and are available for download and installation.