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YouTube dark theme on Android is in the beginning stages of reaching out to its end users. As per the reports of TechCrunch, Google confirmed this update following the dark mode’s several sightings and reports for the users in the settings of the application.

However, this feature took a little longer to launch than expected. Back in March 2018, YouTube first declared a dark mode feature for its mobile phone application, when it started on iOS. The tech giant said at that time, that dark theme was coming soon for Android.

Commencement of YouTube Dark Theme Android

It took five months for the YouTube dark theme to be out after Google’s announcement regarding the launch. Same as the iOS counterpart, you can toggle on or off in the settings of the Android application when enabled.

The usual white background of YouTube shifts to black as you browse throughout the application experience to search & watch videos. The mode reduces strain on your eyes as the background is dark. Also, it tones down your screen’s glow and experience. Additionally, it provides you to concentrate better while playing video in the application due to its black color background.

However, the actual commencement of a dark theme was introduced by YouTube in May 2017. It introduced a series of augmentation for its PC website which included an inspired simple and material-design look. At that, it also added by saying that a dark theme was on top priority for mobile. 

How to Activate the Dark Mode?

Well, mostly the application updates itself for running the Dark Theme on Android but you can also activate it manually. Just go to Settings, thereafter select General and then click on Dark Theme. However, if you don’t get the option of Dark Theme, close all the running apps on your system and restart it.  

Some Attributes of Dark Mode Theme

YouTube brought some necessary changes in the Dark Theme. Earlier, the company displayed black bars for the videos outside the 16:9 aspect ratio. As a result, the videos appear small in the recent update, the black bars were removed by YouTube. This change is available to both iOS and Android on the desktop.

Now, the video player can get rid of 4:3 black bars and vertically shaped video clips. This is possible, by modifying the viewing area. This is as per the shared views of YouTube Community Manager in the company’s Help Forum regarding its adaptive video player.

In addition, YouTube has also a feature, Take a break which is a part of Google’s initiative of Digital Wellbeing. It aims in reminding the users for taking a break at preset intervals at the time their watching videos. This feature is also made available to iOS and Android devices.

Reminders can be set by the users which would appear at the preset time intervals. Also, the reminder will stop the video unless you dismiss it or start playing the video again. 

Some Additional Information

YouTube is not the sole company to take such an initiative. Organizations such as Reddit and Twitter too have Dark Mode features in their apps. This can be activated when you wish to access in the dark. 

Final Note

As per Google, YouTube’s Dark Theme is still in its early days. There will be many updates regarding this in the upcoming future. I hope this article has helped you with all the till date updates relating to YouTube’s Dark Theme Android.